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Synonyms MCQ For Assam Police, Secretariat, PNRD, SSC & Other Exam (Part-1)

Synonyms MCQ 

English Grammar & Language

For Assam Police, Secretariat, PNRD, SSC & Other Exam (Part-1)

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1➤ (Q) Luxuriant

Options :-

(a) Luxury loving
(b) Lovely
(c) Rich
(d) Abundant

2➤ (Q) Cantankerous

Options :-

(a) Cancerous
(b) Ferocious (c) Quarrelsome
(d) Fissiparous

3➤ (Q) Onus

Options :-

(a) Sadness
(b) Happiness (c) Responsibility
(d) Criticism

4➤ (Q) Derision

Options :-

(a) Humiliation
(b) Embarrassment (c) Ridicule
(d) Condemnation

5➤ (Q) Trite

Options :-

(a) Commonplace
(b) Clever (c) Brief
(d) Impudent

6➤ (Q) Debacle

Options :-

(a) Decline
(b) Downfall (c) Discomfiture
(d) Degeneration

7➤ (Q) Ostracise

Options :-

(a) Banish
(b) Belittle (c) Beguile
(d) Besiege

8➤ (Q) Prophylactic

Options :-

(a) Antagonistic
(b) Toxic (c) Preventive
(d) Purgative

9➤ (Q) Coddle

Options :-

(a) Huddle
(b) Satisfy (c) Protect
(d) Cheat

10➤ (Q) Flimsy

Options :-

(a) Funny
(b) Irrational (c) Weak
(d) Partisan

11➤ (Q) Loquacious

Options :-

(a) Talkative
(b) Slow (c) Content
(d) Unclear

12➤ (Q) Vindictive

Options :-

(a) Imaginative
(b) Accusative (c) Spiteful
(d) Aggressive

13➤ (Q) Inclement

Options :-

(a) Selfish
(b) Active (c) Unfavourable
(d) Inactive

14➤ (Q) Genial

Options :-

(a) Cordial
(b) Unselfish (c) Careful
(d) Specific

15➤ (Q) Accrue

Options :-

(a) Accumulate
(b) Accommodate (c) Grow
(d) Suffice

16➤ (Q) Barren

Options :-

(a) Good
(b) Wholesome (c) Unproductive
(d) Profitable

17➤ (Q) Infamy

Options :-

(a) Notoriety
(b) Glory (c) Integrity
(d) Familiarity

18➤ (Q) Intrepid

Options :-

(a) Hesitant
(b) Fearless (c) Extrovert
(d) Rash

19➤ (Q) Prodigal

Options :-

(a) Exclusive
(b) Productive (c) Lavish
(d) Carefree

20➤ (Q) Perspicuous

Options :-

(a) Relevant
(b) Precise (c) Brief
(d) Clear

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