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Synonyms MCQ For Assam Police, Secretariat, PNRD, SSC & Other Exam (Part-2)

Synonyms MCQ 

English Grammar & Language

For Assam Police, Secretariat, PNRD, SSC & Other Exam (Part-2)

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1➤ (Q) Nexus

Options :-

(a) Connection
(b) Distance
(c) Deficit
(d) Difference

2➤ (Q) Mammoth

Options :-

(a) Straight
(b) Huge
(c) Wild
(d) Greedy

3➤ (Q) Hyperbole

Options :-

(a) Expansion
(b) Imitation
(c) Decoration
(d) Exaggeration

4➤ (Q) Eulogy

Options :-

(a) Apology
(b) Address
(c) Speech
(d) Praise

5➤ (Q) Menacingly

Options :-

(a) Dangerously
(b) Threateningly
(c) Harmfully
(d) Hideously

6➤ (Q) Annexure

Options :-

(a) Retirement
(b) Commencement
(c) Attachment
(d) Development

7➤ (Q) Errand

Options :-

(a) Energy
(b) Task
(c) Mistake
(d) Blunder

8➤ (Q) Bequeath

Options :-

(a) Give
(b) Disclose
(c) Scold
(d) Surround

9➤ (Q) Nonchalant

Options :-

(a) Imaginary
(b) Casual
(c) Neutral
(d) Formal

10➤ (Q) Forbearance

Options :-

(a) Deliverance
(b) Patience
(c) Extravagance
(d) Relevance

11➤ (Q) Gaol

Options :-

(a) Destination
(b) Garden
(c) Jail
(d) Bird

12➤ (Q) Loathing

Options :-

(a) Warmth
(b) Affectation
(c) Hatred
(d) Affection

13➤ (Q) Pragmatic

Options :-

(a) Intelligent
(b) Wise
(c) Religious
(d) Practical

14➤ (Q) Notion

Options :-

(a) Thought
(b) Fact
(c) Truth
(d) Hypothesis

15➤ (Q) Vivacious

Options :-

(a) Poisonous
(b) Energetic
(c) Tricky
(d) Slow

16➤ (Q) Vociferous

Options :-

(a) Violent
(b) Loud
(c) Secret
(d) True

17➤ (Q) Fictional

Options :-

(a) Genuine
(b) Authentic
(c) Fanciful
(d) Real

18➤ (Q) Trivial

Options :-

(a) Crucial
(b) Significant
(c) Vital
(d) Ordinary

19➤ (Q) Impudent

Options :-

(a) Vigilant
(b) Astute
(c) Insolent
(d) Arrogant

20➤ (Q) Pompous

Options :-

(a) Pretentious
(b) Supportive
(c) Demanding
(d) Flashy

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