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Synonyms MCQ For Assam Police, Secretariat, PNRD, SSC & Other Exam (Part-4)

Synonyms MCQ 

English Grammar & Language

For Assam Police, Secretariat, PNRD, SSC & Other Exam (Part-4)

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1➤ (Q) Citadel

Options :-

(a) Metropolis
(b) Mansion
(c) Fortress
(d) Palace

2➤ (Q) Stern

Options :-

(a) Lenient
(b) Young
(c) Stem
(d) Strict

3➤ (Q) Aberration

Options :-

(a) Justification
(b) Intensification
(c) Deviation
(d) Rationality

4➤ (Q) Condone

Options :-

(a) Forgive
(b) Support
(c) Forget
(d) Defend

5➤ (Q) Analogy

Options :-

(a) Difference
(b) Comparison
(c) Addition
(d) Deletion

6➤ (Q) Allure

Options :-

(a) Extol
(b) Excite
(c) Entice
(d) Elicit

7➤ (Q) Parsimony

Options :-

(a) expenditure
(b) bankruptcy
(c) bribery
(d) miserliness

8➤ (Q) Tribulation

Options :-

(a) palpitation
(b) suffering
(c) weakness
(d) stimulation

9➤ (Q) Barbaric

Options :-

(a) Thorny
(b) Uncivilized
(c) Premeditated
(d) Barber’s

10➤ (Q) Hurdle

Options :-

(a) Suspicion
(b) Throw
(c) Opposition
(d) Obstacle

11➤ (Q) Deter

Options :-

(a) To hinder
(b) To neglect
(c) To disapprove
(d) To differ

12➤ (Q) Disgrace

Options :-

(a) Disrespect
(b) Jealousy
(c) Disregard
(d) Shame

13➤ (Q) Striking

Options :-

(a) Attractive
(b) Violent
(c) Funny
(d) Hateful

14➤ (Q) Fiasco

Options :-

(a) Festival
(b) Failure
(c) Fortune
(d) Feast

15➤ (Q) Persist

Options :-

(a) Resist
(b) Leave
(c) Quit
(d) Insist

16➤ (Q) Eventually

Options :-

(a) Previously
(b) Briefly
(c) Finally
(d) Successfully

17➤ (Q) Impeccable

Options :-

(a) Remarkable
(b) Unbelievable
(c) Flawless
(d) Displeasing

18➤ (Q) Scorn

Options :-

(a) concise
(b) despise
(c) bias
(d) fierce

19➤ (Q) Catastrophe

Options :-

(a) tragedy
(b) anger
(c) violence
(d) hatred

20➤ (Q) Abjure

Options :-

(a) renounce
(b) announce
(c) pronounce
(d) denounce

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