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Synonyms MCQ For Assam Police, Secretariat, PNRD, SSC & Other Exam (Part-5)

Synonyms MCQ 

English Grammar & Language

For Assam Police, Secretariat, PNRD, SSC & Other Exam (Part-5)

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1➤ (Q) Assess

Options :-

(a) overload
(b) measure
(c) permit
(d) enter

2➤ (Q) Elastic

Options :-

(a) free
(b) liberal
(c) flexible
(d) broad

3➤ (Q) Persevere

Options :-

(a) Fickle
(b) Persist
(c) Constant
(d) Polite

4➤ (Q) Petition

Options :-

(a) Rotation
(b) Administration
(c) Appeal
(d) Vocation

5➤ (Q) Proposition

Options :-

(a) Intimation
(b) Protestation
(c) Proposal
(d) Invitation

6➤ (Q) Vivacious

Options :-

(a) Imaginary
(b) Lively
(c) Perceptible
(d) Languid

7➤ (Q) Sporadic

Options :-

(a) Timely
(b) Scattered
(c) Frequent
(d) Irrelevant

8➤ (Q) Devout

Options :-

(a) Solemn
(b) Loyal
(c) Dedicated
(d) Pious

9➤ (Q) Predilection

Options :-

(a) Favour
(b) Whim
(c) Prejudice
(d) Preference

10➤ (Q) Effigy

Options :-

(a) Dummy
(b) Imagery
(c) Reflection
(d) Organ

11➤ (Q) Annihilate

Options :-

(a) initiate
(b) destroy
(c) solve
(d) deduce

12➤ (Q) Quarry

Options :-

(a) quest
(b) denounce
(c) victim
(d) quake

13➤ (Q) Interference

Options :-

(a) honour
(b) deference
(c) obstruction
(d) fearful

14➤ (Q) Verisimilitude

Options :-

(a) festive
(b) fantastic
(c) grotesque
(d) authenticity

15➤ (Q) Conjecture

Options :-

(a) knowledge
(b) guess
(c) truth
(d) bias

16➤ (Q) Pawn

Options :-

(a) Scrounge
(b) Hire
(c) Pledge
(d) Sponge

17➤ (Q) Maestro

Options :-

(a) Admirer
(b) Employee
(c) Novice
(d) Genius

18➤ (Q) Feeble

Options :-

(a) Playful
(b) Pretty
(c) Small
(d) Weak

19➤ (Q) Chastise

Options :-

(a) Upbraid
(b) Monitor
(c) Chase
(d) Praise

20➤ (Q) Vocation

Options :-

(a) virtue
(b) holiday
(c) break up
(d) occupation

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