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Assam Police SI Sub Inspector Exam Previous GK Paper Part-2

Assam Police SI 

Sub Inspector Exam Previous GK Paper Part-2

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Assam Police SI Previous Year Paper

Assam Police SI Previous Year GK


1➤ (-Q-) Hiuen Tsang visited Assam during the reign of ? (AP SI 2016 Exam)

2➤ (-Q-) In which year Quit India Movement started? (AP SI 2016 Exam)

3➤ (-Q-) Last Capital of Ahom Kingdom ? (AP SI 2016 Exam)

4➤ (-Q-) When was the Treaty of Yandaboo signed ? (AP SI 2016 Exam)

5➤ (-Q-) In which year Mahatma Gandhi came into Assam? (AP SI 2016 Exam)

6➤ (-Q-) Founder of Pala Dynasty ? (AP SI 2016 Exam)

7➤ (-Q-) Moamoria Rebellion Started In which year? (AP SI 2016 Exam)

8➤ (-Q-) Saka Era Started ? (AP SI 2016 Exam)

9➤ (-Q-) Old/Ancient Name of Kamarupa ? (AP SI 2016 Exam)

10➤ (-Q-) Who was the Court poet of Harsha ? (AP SI 2016 Exam)

11➤ (-Q-) Where was the first Session of INC held? (AP SI 2016 Exam)

12➤ (-Q-) Home Rule League Launched in the year? (AP SI 2016 Exam)

13➤ (-Q-) First woman Ruler in Indian History ? (AP SI 2016 Exam)

14➤ (-Q-) Who abolished Dual Government in Bengal? (AP SI 2016 Exam)

15➤ (-Q-) Iron Man of India? (AP SI 2016 Exam)

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