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500 General Science For Assam Agriculture, PNRD, Assam Police, Assam TET, SSC & Railway Exam (Part-25)

General Science

For Assam Agriculture, PNRD, Assam Police, Assam TET, Forest, DECT, APSC, Railway & SSC Exam (Part-25)

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500 General Science (Part-25)

1➤ (Q) Which is the first national park established in India?

2➤ (Q) Insectivorous plant generally grow in soil which is deficient in which gas?

3➤ (Q) What is one-way relationship where one species benefits at the expense of another is called?

4➤ (Q) What is symbiotic relationship in which both species benefit’ is best described?

5➤ (Q) Which of a species describes the tropic function it fills in its environment?

6➤ (Q) What is the least influential in determining the distribution of terrestrial biomes?

7➤ (Q) What is the term for the maximum number of individuals that an area can support indefinitely?

8➤ (Q) The massive hole in the ozone layer over the Antarctica was first discovered in which year?

9➤ (Q) Which animals have a diet mainly consisting of bamboo?

10➤ (Q) Which is the instrument that measures air pressure ?

11➤ (Q) By whom was the quantum theory first enunciated ?

12➤ (Q) If a proton of mass m is moving with velocity of light, how will its mass ?

13➤ (Q) A hydrogen atom is paramagnetic. What is a hydrogen molecule ?

14➤ (Q) Which type of rainfall is often accompanied with lightning and thunder ?

15➤ (Q) What is the approximate velocity of light per second ?

16➤ (Q) Why are Clear nights cooler than cloudy nights ?

17➤ (Q) What is the growth movement in plant due to light called ?

18➤ (Q) A metal sheet with circular hole is heated. what change will be in the hole ?

19➤ (Q) By inserting a soft iron piece into solenoid, what does the strength of the magnetic field ?

20➤ (Q) How is the electric potential at the centre of a charged conductor ?

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