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500 General Science For Assam Agriculture, PNRD, Assam Police, Assam TET, SSC & Railway Exam (Part-13)

General Science

For Assam Agriculture, PNRD, Assam Police, Assam TET, Forest, DECT, APSC, Railway & SSC Exam (Part-13)

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500 General Science (Part-13)

1➤ (Q) Where will be the Time period in a vibration magnetometer infinite?

2➤ (Q) The north pole of the earth’s magnet is near the geographical which direction?

3➤ (Q) If the current in the core decreases, what will the strength of the magnetic field be?

4➤ (Q) The intensity of a magnetic field is defined as the force experienced by which pole?

5➤ (Q) If a material, placed in a magnetic field is thrown out of it, then how is the material?

6➤ (Q) The capacity of a pure capacitor is 1 farad. In D.C. circuit, what will its effective resistance be?

7➤ (Q) If a bar magnet is cut length wise into 3 parts, what will the total number of poles be?

8➤ (Q) For electroplating a spoon, it is placed in the voltmeter at which portion?

9➤ (Q) A substance, when inserted between the poles of a magnet, is pushed out, what is it?

10➤ (Q) By inserting a soft iron piece into solenoid, what does the strength of the magnetic field?

11➤ (Q) The magnetic induction associated with currents flowing in a hollow copper tube, how will be?

12➤ (Q) How is the electric potential at the centre of a charged conductor?

13➤ (Q) What is not the cause of low conductivity of electrolyte?

14➤ (Q) What is Electric field intensity at a point a hollow charged spherical conductor?

15➤ (Q) Which property is processed by the ferromagnetic substance?

16➤ (Q) Which type of cell can be used if a device requires 75 A of current for 15 seconds?

17➤ (Q) A hydrogen atom is paramagnetic. What is a hydrogen molecule?

18➤ (Q) In nuclear fission, how many percentage of mass is converted into energy?

19➤ (Q) If a U-238 nucleus splits into two identical parts, how will the two nuclei be so produced?

20➤ (Q) If a proton of mass m is moving with the velocity of light, what will its mass be?

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