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500 General Science For Assam Agriculture, PNRD, Assam Police, Assam TET, SSC & Railway Exam (Part-6)

General Science

For Assam Agriculture, PNRD, Assam Police, Assam TET, Forest, DECT, APSC, Railway & SSC Exam (Part-6)

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500 General Science (Part-6)

1➤ (Q) The isotopes of chlorine with mass number 35 and 37 exist in which ratio?

2➤ (Q) A gas is found to have the formula (CO)n. Its vapour density is 70. What must the value of n be?

3➤ (Q) Which law directly explains the law of conservation of mass?

4➤ (Q) To whom the credit for the discovery of transuranic element goes?

5➤ (Q) How many moles are there is 140 g of Si (atomic mass of silicon is 28)?

6➤ (Q) Which substance does not have a melting point?

7➤ (Q) By which a mixture of sand and naphthalene can be separated?

8➤ (Q) Sodium carbonate crystals lose water molecules. What is this property called?

9➤ (Q) By whom was the law of constant proportions enunciated?

10➤ (Q) What is the number of unpaired electrons in carbon atom?

11➤ (Q) In an atom the order of filling up of the orbitals is governed by which principle?

12➤ (Q) Regarding the atom of a chemical element, magnetic quantum number refers?

13➤ (Q) What are the atoms of the elements having same mass number but different atomic number called?

14➤ (Q) Rutherford’s scattering experiment related to the size of which thing?

15➤ (Q) By whom was the absolute value of charge on electron determined?

16➤ (Q) Which property of the elements is a whole number?

17➤ (Q) Discovery of the nucleus of an atom was due to the experiment carried out by which person?

18➤ (Q) What are the atoms of the elements which have same number of neutrons called?

19➤ (Q) Whose experiment proved that the speed of light was always the same?

20➤ (Q) Which element has two electrons in the K-shell only?

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