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500 General Science For Assam Agriculture, PNRD, Assam Police, Assam TET, SSC & Railway Exam (Part-5)

General Science

For Assam Agriculture, PNRD, Assam TET, Assam Police, Forest, DECT, APSC, Railway & SSC Exam (Part-5)

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500 General Science (Part-5)

1➤ (Q) Which quantity remains constant in a step-down transformer?

2➤ (Q) In the extraction of zinc the formation of blue flame is due to the burning of which gas?

3➤ (Q) What number of essential amino acid is found in man?

4➤ (Q) Which of the following potassium compounds is known as ‘Pearl ash’?

5➤ (Q) By which is the amount of light entering into the eye controlled?

6➤ (Q) Over the last 100 years global sea level has risen by about howmany cm?

7➤ (Q) Whose statement is this - “Algebraic sum of the current meeting at a node is zero”?

8➤ (Q) What is formed when white phosphorus is heated at 540 K in the absence of air?

9➤ (Q) Which tissue help in keeping the body warm?

10➤ (Q) A particle of mass m and charge q travels from rest through a potential difference V. What is its final energy?

11➤ (Q) Why are elements of group I known as alkali metals?

12➤ (Q) In which organ carbohydrate is stored as glycogen?

13➤ (Q) Which particle has the longest de Broglie wavelength if they are moving with same velocity ?

14➤ (Q) Which pollutant is main product of automobile exhaust?

15➤ (Q) If all plant of the world die than why will all animal ultimately die?

16➤ (Q) Why does Coagulation of blood not occur inside human body?

17➤ (Q) Which oxide is amphoteric in nature?

18➤ (Q) In methane molecule how are the four hydrogen atoms arranged?

19➤ (Q) What is an association of individuals of different species living in the same habitat and having functional interactions?

20➤ (Q) What is the name of the scientist who stated that matter can be converted into energy?

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