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500 General Science For Assam Agriculture, PNRD, Assam Police, Assam TET, SSC & Railway Exam (Part-4)

General Science

For Assam Agriculture, PNRD, Assam Police, Assam TET, Forest, DECT, APSC, Railway & SSC Exam (Part-4)

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500 General Science (Part-4)

1➤ (Q) Entamoeba histolytica is found in which part of man?

2➤ (Q) What is the maximum number of different electrical combination possible with three equal resistances?

3➤ (Q) Which is the compound in that oxygen shows +2 oxidation state?

4➤ (Q) The statements “Protoplasm is the physical basis of life” is given by which person?

5➤ (Q) Purification of aluminium by electrolyte refining is known as which name?

6➤ (Q) Malaria parasite and Amoeba are grouped under?

7➤ (Q) Magnetic dipole moment is a vector quantity directed from which direction?

8➤ (Q) What is France’s global ranking in terms of the number of animal species under threat?

9➤ (Q) Which is the largest phylum in the animal kingdom in respect of number of species?

10➤ (Q) A large magnet is broken into two pieces. If the lengths of two pieces are in the ratio of 3 : 4. what is the ratio of their pole strengths?

11➤ (Q) Van arkel method of purification of metals involves converting the metal to which compound?

12➤ (Q) By whom was Tetrahedral nature of bonding in carbon atom first shown?

13➤ (Q) Which ancestor of man for the first time began the bipedal locomotion?

14➤ (Q) Which is the contractile protein muscle?

15➤ (Q) Which is the compound in that oxygen shows -1 oxidation state is?

16➤ (Q) What is the reason of floating of the ore particles in concentration by froth floatation process?

17➤ (Q) What is also known as green protozoa?

18➤ (Q) If the electric current in a lamp decreases by 5% then the power output decreases by how many percentages?

19➤ (Q) Acid rain is caused due to emission of which gases into the atmosphere?

20➤ (Q) Which naturally occurring element in the rice husk makes it termite resistant?

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